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5 Plastic-Free Swaps in the Kitchen

Plastic can easily build up in the kitchen, so we’ve put together our top 5 plastic-free swaps to help make your kitchen a happy and plastic-free space. Wax Wraps

Wax wraps are a great plastic-free alternative to cling film. Most are made from soya wax, pine rosin and Jojoba oil. The pine rosin makes the wax wrap act more like clingfilm whereas the jojoba oil is for antibacterial purposes. We love these fun patterns from Jefferson Crafts here. Straws

With restaurants and bars making the swap to paper straws, it’s now easier than ever to ditch the plastic. Paper, bamboo and metal options are widely available from local small businesses and wider supermarkets.

From Sponge to Scrubber

For cleaning, trying swapping from a single use sponge to a sustainable scrubber. Most are made from 100% cotton and stiffened with tree resin. These non-scratch cloths are machine washable and biodegradable too. Eco Bonobo have a lovely selection of sustainable scrubbers here.

Refill Washing Up Liquid

Most washing up liquids are not kind to the environment, but when you purchase your washing up liquid from a zero-waste shop, you’re cutting down your single-use plastics massively. Find your nearest local zero waste shop and simply take your bottle to refill!


Glass Tupperware and jars are a great swap from plastic ones, and provide a much safer option too as they won’t contaminate your food. Some glass Tupperware have bamboo lids which are biodegradable and recyclable too. If you've enjoyed reading our plastic-free swaps for the Kitchen, you may be interested to see what swaps you can make in your bathroom! Click here for read more.


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