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Our Mission

With locations across the UK, we work hard to connect the growing sustainable, ethical and vegan curious population with independent, pioneering and eco-focused companies.


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Conscious Living

We take pride in offering sustainable solutions to some of the global issues we’re facing today. Providing vegan options to everyone is something we have built our brand on, and continue to do so every single day.

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We want everyone's experience of our Vegan Markets to be a great one, which is why we’re always gathering feedback from visitors and traders so we can improve in whichever way we need to.

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We don’t care whether someone consider themselves a vegan or not, we provide options so that everyone can feel empowered about making their own decisions. Our events are not dogmatic or judgmental, but instead provide a fun place to discover new food and more sustainable & ethical products - all produced by pioneering independent businesses.

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Our events are about community, and trust within that community that we’re showcasing the best ethical & eco-focussed producers the UK has to offer. It means that you can come to a event and not have to worry about asking if something is vegan or not, you can order right off the menus! Knowing that everything is plant-based and sustainable provides a level of trust that is at the heart of all that we do.



We work hard with our traders to reduce waste and make every event as sustainable as possible. On top of that work, we also offset the carbon footprint from each event and support tree planting and conservation projects around the world.


We were founded by Lewis Beresford, who began bringing together a new wave of artisan producers and making their vegan innovations accessible to the masses, back in 2015. 


The very first event in Cambridge was a phenomenal hit and from there we’ve been tirelessly building new events in locations across the country. We've worked with 1000s of independent businesses and welcomed 100,000s of visitors along the way. We've supported fledgling companies and helped them to launch their sustainable brands and introduced 10,000s of people to new ethical producers.

We also continue to collaborate with councils, BIDs and markets around the UK, working together to create vibrant events that enliven and rejuvenate local centres as well as promoting local, independent companies of the future.

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