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Our Sustainability Mission

We’re proud to be tackling the climate crisis by promoting sustainable lifestyle choices with our events and supporting tree planting and conservation projects around the world.

Here’s a short introduction to our sustainability work.

Making our events sustainable

We aim to use local businesses at our events, meaning their travel is minimised and helps our visitors support producers local to them. You'll only ever find vegan products at our events, meaning high carbon foods like meat and dairy aren't involved. We will always have a zero single-use plastic policy at our events and we also recycle or compost any waste from our visitors or stall holders.

Calculating our impact

The carbon footprint from each event is carefully calculated by analysing all contributing factors including visitor and stall holder travel, power usage, packaging and food waste. When all the calculations have been done, we're left with an average carbon footprint of 1000kg CO2e per event (with a 15% safety margin built in).

Offsetting our emissions

We then work with Ecologi to offset these emissions by supporting climate crisis projects around the world. Click the logo below to find out more about the projects we support.

Tree planting

In addition to offsetting the carbon footprint from each event, we also plant a tree for every business that takes part. That means for every event 40* more trees get planted in parts of the world that really need them. You can view our company forest on our Ecologi page and see where the tree planting projects we've supported have been hard at work.

*average number of stalls per event = 40

To get started, we’ve already offset all the carbon emissions associated with every event we’ve ever done! We’ve also planted a tree for every single business that has taken part in our events since the very beginning. In total, that’s 31,000kg CO2e removed and 2440 trees planted.

To read more about our future goals and how you can reduce your carbon footprint, head over to our sustainability page here.

If you’d like to read our sustainability roundup at the end of every month, sign up to our Mailing List here.


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