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We’re proud to be tackling the climate crisis by promoting sustainable lifestyle choices with our events and supporting tree planting and conservation projects around the world. Here you'll find out about how we make our events sustainable and the projects we support.

Trees From Above

Making our events sustainable

Local Businesses


You’ll find lots of local businesses at our events which minimises their travel and also helps our visitors support producers in their local economy.

Zero Plastic

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We have a zero single-use plastic policy at our events. Our stall holders will use compostable or recyclable packaging where possible.


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Stall holders are required to either recycle or compost any waste they generate. Where possible recycling bins are made available for visitors to use.

Plant Based

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And of course, because our events are completely vegan they don't involve any high carbon foods like meat or dairy!

Understanding our impact

The carbon footprint associated with each of our events is made up of contributing factors including visitor, staff and stall holder travel, power usage, packaging and food waste. We've carefully analysed our events and done the calculations which gives an average carbon footprint of 600kg CO2e per event (with a 15% safety margin built in).

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Offsetting our emissions

We work with Ecologi to offset our event's emissions by supporting conservation projects around the world. Click the logo below to find out more about the projects we support.

Tree planting

In addition to offsetting the carbon footprint from each event, we also plant a tree for every business that takes part.

You can view our company forest on our Ecologi page and see where the tree planting projects we've supported have been hard at work.

Planting Trees

Our sustainability goals

By the end of 2024, we will have planted 5,000+ trees and offset 160,000+ kgs of CO2e by supporting worldwide climate crisis projects. 

We're currently working on being carbon negative, which means we need to offset more CO2e than we emit. We expect to reach this goal by the end of 2025.

How you can reduce your carbon footprint

Cycle or walk to our events, or car share with friends.


Shop from sustainable and ethical producers, local to you.

Online Shopping

Try adapting to a plant based diet, see our blog for recipe ideas.

Plant based

Projects we've supported


Reforesting Dalry


This project restores land back to health by using methods from agroforestry including rotational grazing of livestock and recycling forest waste into biochar.


Restoring forests

Papua New Guinea

We helped protect the rainforest, conserve local biodiversity, and enhance the traditional landowners and stewards of these rainforests through carbon credit production.

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Geothermal power

West Java, Indonesia

The aim of this project is to use renewable energy generated from geothermal steam to displace electricity generated primarily from coal and diesel in the existing grid.

How you can get involved


Join our eco system of sustainable and ethical producers.

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Apply here to trade at an event in over 50 locations.

Market stall


We’ll plant a tree every time you trade at one of our events.

Tree planting

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