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5 Plastic Free Swaps in the Bathroom

We've come up with 5 plastic free swaps to help make your bathroom essentials more sustainable. You can find all of these products at our markets or online from small businesses, local to you.

1. Soap

Swapping your liquid soap to a solid bar format is a great way to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. If a solid bar isn't your thing, try filling up a bottle from a local zero waste refill shop to help minimise wastage.

2. Shampoo/conditioner bars

Just like soap, you can switch your shampoo and conditioner for bars. They’re completely waste free and last a long time, leaving your hair smelling just as fresh.

3. Toothpaste tablets

Did you know a single toothpaste tube takes around 500 years to break down? We were shocked too, which is why we're giving toothpaste tablets a try. Simply chew the tablet in your mouth, and start brushing to create a foamy consistency.

4. Bamboo toothbrush Using a toothbrush made from bamboo reduces the environmental pollution and plastic waste in our oceans. The antibacterial properties found in bamboo allow you to have the same clean teeth, without using any plastic!

5. Toilet roll

We hate the amount of plastic wrapped around standard toilet rolls, so we’ve suggested swapping for a plastic free version. Each roll of Who Gives A Crap is made from 100% recycled fibres and comes wrapped up in paper. You can order this on a subscription basis and get it delivered straight to your door. They also supply tissues and kitchen roll. If you have any other plastic-free swap suggestions, feel free to message us and we'll add it to our list for another blog post!


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