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Visitor FAQs

Visitor's FAQs

Are dogs allowed?
The vast majority of our locations are outdoors and well behaved dogs are more than welcome. At some of our indoor venues only assistance dogs are permitted unfortunately. Please check the location page on this website to make sure.

Will there be any gluten free food for sale?
Yes! We always have quite a few traders selling gluten free food.

Do I have to pay for entry or buy a ticket?
All of our events are free!

Trader FAQs

Trader's FAQs

Please Note: We have included as many frequently asked questions here as we could think of. Please scroll down or search the page to find the answer to your question. If the answer isn't here, or it's not clear, then please get in touch.

New Traders


What are the criteria for being accepted to trade at an event?

We welcome a wide variety of stalls types at our events, from street food to cosmetics and clothing to jewellery. If you have great vegan products or a local business to promote we'd love to hear from you. Please note the following before you apply:

  • Products and services must fulfil our requirements of being sustainable and ethically produced. 

  • Products and services sold or promoted must be suitable for vegans. 

  • Non-vegan businesses are welcome provided they only sell and promote vegan products and services on the day. 

  • Products must not have been tested on animals.

  • We do not accept applications from MLMs.

What's the difference between a standard stall and a catering stall?

You will need to book a catering stall if you intend to cook or serve hot or heated food at the event. A standard stall will be adequate for all other product lines.

Do I need a food hygiene rating certificate?

If you are producing the food and drink that you will be selling onsite with us, you will need to be registered with your local council, which is a very simple online application.

Check out the following link for more information:

Can you advise me on my Public Liability Insurance cover and how much it needs to be?

You will need a public liability insurance policy with a minimum cover of £5 million to showcase at our events, this must be submitted as part of the trader registration form here. If have yet to get your policy in place, we’d recommend Simply Business as they are easy to get cover set up and reasonably priced. 


You will need to re-submit your insurance policy by emailing the office team when it expires at

Can I sell alcohol and will I need a temporary event notice (TEN)?

We currently can only support the sale of alcohol for home consumption. At most events you will need to apply for a TEN in order to sell alcohol, so please check with the office team what you need to do for each location prior to booking. It is the trader's responsibility to apply for a TEN to the local council in good time of the event date itself. You can use the event postcode on the website listing to find the local council to apply for a TEN, here.

What will the images of my products and stall be used for?

The images you submit during registration may be used to promote your business on our social media channels, so make them as high-quality as possible.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.

How do I register as a new trader?

Once you have submitted a trader registration form you can then create an account with us on our booking system, and you can apply to trade at the events we host. 

I'm a new business owner, how do I get involved?

Check out our trader guidance which can be found here to see if you meet the criteria and have all the insurance, certifications and licences needed to join us onsite. If you do, then create an account with us and fill out our event trader registration form as above.

Booking System


How do I apply to an event?

Your event applications won't be approved until you have registered your documents on our trader registration formYou will then need to create an account on our booking system, then select and apply for the event you want to trade at. You can create your account and apply for events here.

I've submitted an event application. When will I hear back?

We aim to respond to every application to confirm or discuss your attendance at our events within 72 hours (during the working week), but do bear with us during our busy periods.

Can I edit my application after I've submitted it?

Yes! Once you've submitted your application you can check or update the details you submitted and what options you chose for each event by logging into your account and selecting 'All Bookings'.

What events have I paid for?

This is detailed in the profile of your account on our booking system, which can be found under the circular profile image at the top of the booking system.

I've already paid for my pitch but on my booking account it still says 'Payment Status:    Payment pending'. When will this update?

Once you've made payment via bank transfer the booking system will normally update within 24 hours (during the working week). You will also receive an email confirming your payment has been received.

I can't select the event I want to apply for. Why is this?

There are two likely scenarios:

1 - The event you are trying to book is more than 12 months in advance of today's date. You cannot book events that are more than 12 months away.

2 - The event you are trying to apply for is already full, but if this is not detailed in the additional information detailed in the dropdown on the booking system, please get in touch with the office team who may be able to help further.

The website says the event I want to trade at is full? How do I join the waiting list?

Please send us a message detailing what event waiting list you want to be added to (location & date), what you want to sell and we'll add you to the waiting list.

What events have I been approved for?

To check what events you have been approved for, all you need to do is log in to our booking system here. Once you have logged in, navigate to 'My Bookings' and click on 'All Bookings'.

How do I update my profile?

Log in to the booking system here. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner and click on 'My profile', then click on 'Edit profile'.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking all you need to do is log in to our booking system here. Once you have logged in, navigate to 'My Bookings', click on 'All Bookings' and find the event booking you want to cancel. You then need to click 'Cancel Booking' and then 'Confirm and Submit'.

How do I reset my password?

Log in to the booking system here. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner and click on 'Remind password'.

Do you accept last-minute bookings?

We usually require payment at least four weeks prior to the event date, so we tend to not accept any new applications up to two weeks ahead of the event. However, if you are eager to join us and you are able to make payment at least 72hrs prior to the event, we may make an exception.

Please email the office team on to confirm if we will be able to accommodate you to avoid any disappointment.

How do I get notified about new events? How do I sign up to your mailing list?

We send a weekly newsletter to our vendor mailing list. Click here to subscribe.

Pre-event Questions


Equipment & Infrastructure
Can I bring my own gazebo?
You can bring your own commercial standard gazebo to the majority of our outdoor events. However, we ask that you only bring gazebos that are 3m x 3m or smaller and that you make sure you bring enough weights with you to secure it safely.

I am thinking of buying my own gazebo, can you recommend any?
We've used Apex Market Stalls and the Gazebo Shop previously, so check them out. We would highly recommend getting the best quality gazebo you can afford.

Can I hire a gazebo and/or table?
Gazebo hire is available at some of our outdoor locations. Gazebos available for hire are 2m x 2m.
We do not offer table hire at our outdoor events. Please check the trader page of the location you're interested in to find out what is available. You can bring your own gazebo as long as it is 3m x 3m or smaller.

If I hire a gazebo will it have side walls?
Most of the time we are able to supply side walls as part of the gazebo hire but sometimes this isn't possible. Please get in touch if this is important.

Can I bring my catering trailer/catering van?
At most of our outdoor locations, you can bring your catering trailer or catering van. Please check the trader page for the specific location you're interested in.

Can I book power?
Every event site is different so please check the trader page of the location that you want to attend where it will detail what facilities are available to you.

Can I bring a generator?
Quiet diesel generators are permitted at most of our outdoor locations. We recommend that generators are fitted with suppression kits to minimize the output. Please get in touch to check.

Can I use gas?
Use of LPG is permitted at all of our outdoor locations.


What is the size of the pitch I have booked?
The vast majority of our outdoor locations have 3m x 3m pitch sizes (if you are bringing your own gazebo) or 2m x 2m pitches if you are renting a gazebo from us.

Is the pitch pre-allocated or is it on a first come first serve basis?
The site plan is designed by the office team and is dependent upon a multitude of factors, such as product variety, pitch size, and infrastructure being used. It is not permissible for traders to change their stall position on the day of the event without expressed consent from the site manager.

Can you tell me who is currently signed up to attend an event?
Trader lineups are posted to our Facebook & Instagram pages a few days before each event. You can also check out the Facebook event page which highlights the traders that will be joining us at each location.

Payments & Refunds

How much does a stall cost?
Our prices vary depending on the event, what you are selling, and where you are selling it, so check the trader page of the location you're interested in to find specific pricing. For a general idea, our standard pitch fee is around £79-£99 (inc. VAT) with our hot food caterer pitches at around £149-£199 (inc. VAT).

How do I pay for my fee?
You will receive an invoice generated by Xero that will detail the payment deadline and bank transfer details.

When do I need to pay?
We ask all traders to pay their fees at least a month before the event takes place, if there is no payment then we reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time.

What happens if I can’t pay my fee on time?
If you have a specific reason that you cannot pay for your pitch fee, then we can discuss this further, so get in touch with the office team to discuss your situation. However, if you do not pay on time, we have the right to cancel your pitch.

What is your refund policy?
If you cancel more than 4 weeks away from an event you will be entitled to a full refund. If you cancel less than 4 weeks away from an event we won't be able to refund you and market credit will only be issued if we can find a replacement.



Where can I find the setup information for this weekend's event?

You can find all of the information about your upcoming event on our setup information page which will be linked in your booking confirmation email. The setup information is normally added around 10 days before the event runs.


What happens if the weather is bad?

If high winds are forecast for an outdoor event we may be required to cancel or postpone the event. We will keep you updated on all changes to an event if this happens.

When can I arrive to set up?

Generally, we ask traders to arrive between 07:30 - 09:30. You can check specifically what arrival slot you have been allocated on the timetable which can be downloaded from the setup information page (linked in your confirmation email).

What is the guidance for unloading?

You'll find all of the guidance for where to unload and when on the setup information page (linked in your confirmation email).

Where can I park?

You'll find information on suggested car parks on the setup information page (linked in your confirmation email). Local parking rules and restrictions apply, please check on arrival. 

When can I depart the site?

Most of our events end at 16:00 and once you have broken down and made your pitch tidy you can depart. Please check the timetable on the setup information page for the specific departure time you have been allocated.

How many people attend each event?

Each event site is different as some are in the middle of a bustling high street, whilst others draw in footfall each weekend for special events just like our vegan markets. We’d recommend checking out our trader page for the events that you are interested in as this will give you a rough idea.

Will there be more than one stall selling products like mine?

It is dependent upon your product, unfortunately, we cannot offer exclusivity at any event but if there is a trader with a similar offering, we try our best to keep each trader apart. We also try our best to limit the number of traders offering similar products and/or services.

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