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50+ Locations

We run events in over 50 locations stretching the length and breadth of the UK. We take over market squares and high streets in towns and cities across the country, with every event attracting huge visitor numbers.

200,000+ Visitors

We'll welcome 200,000+ visitors to our events this year including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, the eco-conscious and passers by alike. 

busy outdoor vegan market
Yaus sauces vegan market stall

2000+ Businesses

We support independent, ethical and sustainable companies across the UK. We believe in the power of uniting like minded businesses, no matter their size or age, and showcasing their amazing work to thousands of people all over the country.

We’ve supported over 2000 companies with our events so far and we're constantly working to bring more into our eco-system.

Why trade at our events?

How it works

Make sure you also review our Terms and Conditions and FAQs, as these will answer a lot of your questions!


Find the location or event you're interested in trading at and review the trading information to make sure you're familiar with all of the event details.

(Check the calendar for inspiration)


Create an account on our booking system and then apply for the event you're interested in. You'll also need to submit a trader registration form before we can approve any of your bookings.

(Click for registration guidance)


Once your booking has been approved, start your preparations to trade with us and let everyone know you're coming!

(Get involved on our Instagram and Facebook page)

Answering your key questions

What are the criteria for being accepted to trade at an event?

We welcome a wide variety of stalls types at our events, from street food to cosmetics and clothing to jewellery. If you have great vegan products or a local business to promote we'd love to hear from you. Please note the following before you apply:

  • Products and services must fulfil our requirements of being sustainable and ethical. 

  • Products and services sold or promoted must be suitable for vegans. 

  • Non-vegan businesses are welcome provided they only sell and promote vegan products and services on the day. 

  • Products must not have been tested on animals.

Will I need my own gazebo and table?

At most of our outdoor locations you will be able to rent a gazebo if you don't have one, though we do reccommend you purchase your own gazebo as soon as possible. Gazebo Shop and Apex Market Stalls provide high quality gazebos at a resaonable price.

We are only able to provide table hire at a limited number of our locations. Tables or market stalls are provided at all of our indoor locations as standard.

What's the difference between a standard stall and a catering stall?

You will need to book a catering stall if you intend to cook or serve hot or heated food at the event. A standard stall will be adequate for all other product lines.

Do I need a food hygiene rating certificate?

If you are producing the food and drink that you will be selling onsite with us, you will need to be registered with your local council, which is usually a very simple online application.

Check out the following link for more information:

Can you advise me on my Public Liability Insurance cover and how much it needs to be?

We recommend that your public liability insurance policy be a minimum of £5 million cover. If have yet to get your policy in place, we’d recommend Simply Business as they are easy to get set up and reasonably priced.

Can I sell alcohol and will I need a temporary event notice (TEN)?

Yes, you can sell alcohol at our events. At the majority, you will need to apply for a TEN in order to sell alcohol for at home consumption. Once your application has been approved, please confirm with the office team what you need to do for each location.

I've only just started my business, can I get involved?

Check out our new trader guidance document that can be found here to see if you meet the criteria and have the insurance, certifications and licences needed to join us onsite. If you do meet these criteria then apply for the events you're interested in and fill out our new trader registration form as above.

Make your investment go further

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Check out the sponsorship options on each event information page - these are perfect if you're aiming to gain greater exposure


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Grow your community as you connect to other companies and meet new customers by getting involved on our social channels

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