All new traders must register their details with us on our dedicated registration form, which takes around 10 minutes to complete.

We realise that the form is quite daunting, especially if you're just starting out, so we've detailed below additional guidance to support you in submitting your application to join us at a future Vegan Market.

Will I be accepted as a Vegan Market trader?

All new trader applications are subject to organiser approval, the criteria for being accepted as a Vegan Market trader is as follows: 


  • Products and services must fulfil our requirements of being sustainable and ethical.  

  • Products and services sold or promoted must be suitable for vegans.  

  • Non-vegan businesses are welcome provided they only sell and promote vegan products and services on the day.  

  • Products must not have been tested on animals. 


If you fulfil the above criteria, ensure that you have everything to hand before starting your application as you cannot save or edit this form once it has been submitted and if key paperwork is missing, your application will be delayed.

What paperwork do I need to submit?

  • Images of your products

  • A copy of your public liability insurance policy 

  • Risk assessment 

  • Fire risk assessment (if applicable)  

  • Photos of your gazebo/catering van (if applicable) 

  • Food hygiene certificate (if applicable) 

  • Gas safety certificate (if applicable) 

  • PAT testing certificate (if applicable) 

  • Personal alcohol license number (if applicable) 

Why do you need product images?

Upload around 2x high-quality images of your products and 1x of your stall setup (if you have done a market before). We'll use the product images to promote your business on our social accounts, where we can, and the stall setup image is to confirm the suitability of your own gazebo and equipment.

If you are completely new to trading at markets and do not have a picture of your set up, then do not let this stop you from submitting an application as it is not an essential part of the application process, but it gives the office team a better idea of your stall produce and where best to fit you onsite at each event. 

What are the requirements for my public liability insurance policy?

You need a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance to showcase at our events as a non-food or cold-food trader and it is your responsibility to keep this up to date. Street food stalls may be asked to provide up to £10 million public liability insurance to showcase in some locations. 


A copy of your public liability insurance policy must be submitted to the office team ahead of joining any event. You will need to re-submit your insurance policy when it expires. At each event, you must have the ability to produce your public liability insurance policy for spot checks.

What are the requirements for my risk assessment?

We need you to think over the risks of showcasing at our events and plan a risk assessment, determining what you must do to keep yourself and our visitors safe. Your risk assessment might include trip hazards, sharp objects, health and hygiene hazards, infrastructure hazards (especially when you provide your own gazebo, weights, etc).


The types of hazards/problems which need to be covered are all general hazards which would lead to a possible injury. Please consider any and all risks that may be presented by your stall space at each event, these can include: 

  • Steps and obstacles 

  • Setting up and taking down the market, including vehicles onsite 

  • Gazebos being erected and dismantled 

  • Gazebos in high winds 

  • Signage 

  • Transporting equipment 

  • Delivering produce to stall in a hygienic manner 

  • Trips, slips and falls to team and the public 

  • Grease/oil on roadway 

  • The use of bottled gas (if applicable) 

  • Food samples and supply of food items (if applicable) 

  • Using mains electricity and/or temporary electrical cabling 

  • COVID-19 - see here for guidance on this. 

If you have yet to create your own risk assessment, download this example we set up for you to get you started.

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

If you are selling any form of hot food or drink, you will also need to complete and return a Fire Risk Assessment. 


The types of hazards/problems which need to be covered are all general hazards that would lead to a possible injury. Please consider any and all risks that may be presented by your stall space at each event, these can include: 

  • Cooking  

  • Electrical fault 

  • Soft furnishings 

  • Rubbish 

  • Detecting a fire and evacuation procedure 

  • Fire extinguishers 

  • Smoking 

Why do you need photos of my gazebo/catering van?

If you want to bring your own gazebo or catering van to our events we need to know what it looks like and how large it is to make sure it will fit into the event space.

Do I need to submit a food hygiene certificate?

Each food/drink-based business needs to register with their local council and request an inspection from an environmental health officer. Some food/drink-based businesses may be told they are low risk/low priority for an inspection. It is imperative that you are registered as a minimum and when your inspection takes place the best practice is to display your food hygiene rating on your stall.


You do not need to have had an inspection to be approved to trade at our events, you just need to have registered.

Do I need to submit a PAT testing certificate?

Any appliances brought onto site must be PAT tested and you must have the relevant PAT certificates with you at each event, as well as uploading these into our system and updating these when they expire. 

Our onsite markets team may carry out inspections during the event and may require you to disconnect any electrical equipment, which does not meet  the above requirements. 

Do I need to submit a gas safety certificate?

All gas appliances must have gas safety certification, which must be provided in advance of any event if you will be using gas onsite.

Do I need to submit a personal alcohol licence number?

You must have a personal licence to sell alcohol at our events. You need to supply your licence number in advance of any market that you will be selling alcohol onsite.

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