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Our Best Tips For Veganuary 2022

To kick start your Veganuary journey this year, we’ve put some of our top tips together to help you through the month. 1. Sign up to Veganuary Over half a million people signed up for Veganuary in 2021! By doing so, you receive a celebrity e-cookbook along with 31 recipes, nutrition tips and more. And better yet, it’s all free. You can sign up here. 2. Veganise your favourite meals With so many alternative ingredients readily available, it's easier than you think to make your favourite meals vegan. Try swapping mince for lentils in a hearty Shepherd's Pie, or plant milk and nutritional yeast for mac and cheese! 3. Follow influencers and vegan pages Social media influencers can really help if you need inspiration and motivation. Search online for a vegan group in your area to join and talk to likeminded people. Some of our favourite pages to follow are: Veggie Meg The Hungry Vegans Vegan Punks Hannah Veg 4. Find recipes Take some time to find some great vegan recipes that excite you. From nutritious packed soups, to fresh pasta sauces and brownies! We often post easy recipes on our blog, but some of our go-to places are: Bosh Deliciously Ella So Vegan 5. Mistakes Happen Veganuary isn't meant to be a competition, it's all about trying. Take one step at a time and if you slip up, that's okay. If you're finding the transition difficult, you could start by having all vegan breakfasts and working up to every meal and snacks. Or you could go vegetarian first by cutting out meat and fish, and then when you're more comfortable you could cut out dairy later. Veganuary is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Embrace searching for new recipes, expand your cooking skills and have fun with it!


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