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3 DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas

We've come up with 3 festive wrapping paper ideas that are super simple, cost effective and plastic free! Why not get the whole family involved too and make it extra special this year. 1. Reindeer Feet

This is great for the little ones in the family, simply paint your foot in brown paint and step onto brown craft paper! Finish with a red nose, eyes and antlers to create a fun reindeer.

2. Christmas Lights

We love this super quick hack. Start by drawing a rough line onto the paper to mimic the string lights as pictured, then add small circles to act as the light holders. To finish, simply use your fingertips with different coloured paints!

3. A Christmas Message or Lyric

Why not pop a lovely Christmas message or your favourite festive lyrics onto your wrapping paper this year. Try using glitter for a touch of sparkle! Show us your creative side and tag us in your DIY wrapping paper! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.


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