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5 tips for a plastic-free Christmas

Did you know single-use plastics make up an entire half of all the plastic produced in the world? When we use plastic only briefly, it’s left around for several hundred years causing a devastating effect on the environment, people and animals. We have the power to ditch single use plastics right now, so we’ve gathered 5 of our best tips to help you enjoy a plastic-free Christmas. 1. Use recyclable wrapping paper Metallic or shiny wrapping paper is often lined with a plastic membrane, meaning it will end up in landfill. By switching for a recyclable wrapping paper instead, you help save our planet. We love these simple creations made using brown kraft paper which is easily available at a low cost.

2. Make your own crackers with plastic-free inserts By making your own Christmas crackers, you can have the choice on what goes inside which makes a lovely personal touch. Not only is this a fun activity that everyone can get involved in, it’s also easy to do. You can buy DIY Christmas cracker kits from small businesses online, or you can print a template off and cut them out yourself.

3. Ethical & sustainable gifts Set yourself a challenge this year by only giving gifts that have been ethically made and are sustainable. Our markets are a great place to help with your Christmas shopping as all our traders supply eco-friendly and cruelty free products!

4. DIY decorations Try something different this year and make your own Christmas decorations. From paper snowflakes and salt dough ornaments to origami birds and baubles. Visit this page here for some inspiration.

5. Buy local fruit & vegetables

A great way to cut back on single use plastic is to buy your fruit and veg from your local market instead of the supermarket. This way, you can buy your produce in carboard boxes rather than plastic trays and it means you’re also supporting smaller businesses who need our support more than ever.

We hope these tips help make your 2020 Christmas a plastic-free celebration!


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