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Saveur Savon

Saveur Savon


Artisan cold process soaps. Organic, Vegan, Palm oil free, Zero Waste, suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients : The soaps are made with a blend of organic coconut oil, Shea butter, rapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil, that provide hydration, nutrition and protection to the skin.

Fragrances : they are specifically designed for soap making and are suitable for any type of skins. Most of them are also allergen free.

Colorants : To color the soaps, I use micas, clay, charcoal and titanium dioxide.

Decoration : I also sometime use salts, poppy seeds, dried fruits/flowers and melt and pour soap base to decorate the top or the inside of the soaps.


I have a range of soaps with different fragrances:

FLORAL (Lavender, Jasmine & Rose, White Bouquet...), FRUITY (Watermelon & Cherry, Pear & Apricots, Cherry, Tropical Fruits) DELICIOUS DESSERT (Hazelnut Cappuccino, Lemon Meringue, Sandalwood & Vanilla, Chocolate Orange).

Each soap type has a unique design and top decoration.

Delivery Information

Packaging : I value Zero Waste so all the orders are packed in recycled papers and bubble wrap that I saved from my own purchases.

Delivery : I start packing the order as soon as I receive the notification and usually mail the parcel on the next day.

Free delivery for the UK.


Saveur Savon

"To the Moon & Back"

Saveur Savon

"Precious" Jasmin & Rose

Saveur Savon

"Goa Vibe" Tropical Fruits

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