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3 Tips to Design Your Market Stall

For those of you that are just starting out exhibiting at events, we’ve put together a

few top tips that will help your stall really pop and stand out from the crowd. Just like a shop front window, the aesthetics of your stand can really make the difference to your onsite sales. 

Here’s how to make your stall stand out:


1. Signage that gives customers a window into your brand

This could be a banner in your brand colours or a table cloth that puts your logo and

name at the very front – you have a few seconds to capture the attention of your

customers so make it bold and beautiful!


Have you also thought about what you’re wearing on the day? Do you have a

branded t-shirt, badge or apron at hand that will ensure customers know who they’re talking to? This will help to build your brand recognition and will lead to customers forming a connection with you that will last long after the tables are packed away.


2. Aesthetically pleasing storage

You will need to bring your own tables (at the majority of our events), so make sure

you bring enough to be able to display your wares. That way customers will be able

to clearly see what you are selling and you can hide any additional stock out of sight.


Some of the best stalls we’ve seen also give height and depth to the table by

grouping items in tiered crates or shelves. Practice your layout at home to make sure

everything fits and is stable!

3. Something for your customers to remember you by

Do you have branded, eco-friendly packaging that will make your customers

remember you when they get home?


After every event we always have visitors who get in touch to ask about who sold a

particular product at our events, so make sure you share your handle or website on

your packaging. You’ll build your fan following you in no time.


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