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6 Ways to Support Vegan Businesses

We know that right now, many small and local vegan businesses are struggling, as markets have had to be cancelled and shops have had to close. So we've put together a little guide to supporting the vegan businesses you love during these difficult times, to help keep them going and show that you're rooting for them!

#1: Buy online

Many businesses that usually trade in person at markets and stores have started offering delivery, so check their social media and their website and see if this is something that they've made available. Many have worked out ways to ship their offerings, while others are offering doorstep delivery in their local area.

#2: Share the love

If you manage to get your hands on their products, don't stop there - share it online! Take a photo of your delivery and share it on social media. This means your friends can see it, but also it means the company will see it. Many small vegan businesses are run by just a few people, and in hard times it can absolutely mean the world to see people enjoying what they do, so it's a great time to show your appreciation.

#3: Leave a review

This is a way you can help out even if you aren't able to purchase any of their products right now. If you've bought from them in the past or tasted their food at a market before, leave a review of it now! A lot of businesses have a Reviews section on Facebook, and it's fantastic to see that filled up with positive reviews and lovely things. If you want to support them, leave a review that might help to make up a new customers' mind in future!

#4: Follow & like on social media

Another free way you can support a vegan business you love is to follow them online - like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. A social media following is key for growing a business and can be difficult to build up, especially when you're getting started. It might seem small, but every follower counts and we're sure many businesses would appreciate it!

#5: Share their social media posts

Help to spread the word about their fantastic business! If you see them posting online, share it on your own social media to tell your friends and family about them and help to generate some buzz. It might make someone else want to make an order with them, or if they aren't trading right now, you could make plans with a friend to visit them at their next market in future. Help to get their business in front of more eyes!

#6: Buy a gift card

Many businesses will be unable to trade at the moment, which could put them in a difficult position. If that's the case, see if they're offering gift cards. It's an easy way you can financially support a business you love and give them a boost during a difficult time. Then when they are trading again, you'll be able to get some goodies!

We'd love to hear your ideas about how you can support your favourite vegan businesses too, let us know your thoughts!


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