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5 Accidentally Vegan Products

For those of you who are new to a vegan lifestyle or simply want to consume less animal derived ingredients, we've put together our top 5 'accidentally vegan' products that are available at many local supermarkets. Accidentally vegan products are those which are vegan not by design and are not marketed as suitable for vegans but happen to naturally contain no animal derived ingredients. 1. Marmite It may not be for everyone, but did you know the entire Marmite range is vegan? It’s also high in vitamin B12 which plays an essential part of any vegan lifestyle.

2. Oreo's A cupboard staple in any vegan kitchen. These chocolate biscuits filled with vanilla frosting will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

3. Jammie Dodgers After following a recent recipe change, Jammie Dodgers are now vegan! Look out for the new darker coloured packaging in your local supermarket.

4. Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar Crisps For the crisp lovers out there, give Kettle crisps a go. Hand-cooked and using only potatoes from the UK, their sea salt & vinegar flavour is 100% vegan and make a perfect snack.

5. Nestle Coco Shreddies If you like something chocolatey for breakfast, these coco shreddies are your new go-to. They're made from whole grain wheat and are packed with essential B vitamins.


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