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Totally natural vegan face creams and body butters. Using these products you can feel good about improving the quality of your skin while also looking after the planet knowing that the product contains no palm oil, is paraben-free, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

The product is handmade by Fiona, a qualified and experienced aromatherapist. Production is on a small scale to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used and the whole process is tightly controlled to guarantee the highest ethical standards.

Not only do the products smell amazing but the ingredients are proven to improve your skin texture, hydration and condition.


The totally natural vegan face creams and body butters are all specifically designed to harness the wonderful properties of plant-based oils to improve the overall balance and condition of different skin types.

Whether you need a face cream to balance, hydrate, renew, rejuvenate or calm your skin there is something to suit everyone. Each recipe has been specially designed to blend essential oils with wonderful natural oils such as Apricot Kernel, Evening Primrose and Borage. The face creams smell beautiful and are rich in vitamins and Linoleic and Oleic Acid, to soften skin and rebalance the skins natural oil production.

The totally natural vegan body butters offer you the chance to use a product that not only makes your skin feel great but the smell can help you feel boosted. relaxed, soothed, energised or grounded based on the combination of essential oils and rich carrier oils in each recipe. So whether you love the combination of sandalwood, mandarin and bergamot or you adore the combination of ginger, juniper and black pepper there is something for you.

The products are for anyone and any skin types. Every product has been safety certified and packaging is fully recyclable.

Delivery Information

Orders are managed through my online shop and dispatched via 2nd class mail.


Soothing Body Butter is just 1 of 10 different vegan creams you can choose from

All face creams and body butters are handmade by Fiona

Beautiful range of vegan face creams and body butters for you to choose from

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