Watford, Hertfordshire

We are a small family-run business eager to share our passion for sugarcane with the world.

We want to give more people the opportunity to experience the sweet joys and natural flavours of sugarcane treats.


Our freshly-squeezed sugarcane drinks range includes:

Plain Sugarcane Juice
Flavoured Sugarcane Juice
Mocktail - Tropical Punch Sugarcane Juice
Mocktail - Lime Mojito Sugarcane Juice
Mocktail - Elderflower Fizz Sugarcane Juice

Raw Sugarcane Stalks

Delivery Information

Your sugarcane juice will be delivered fresh, within 3 hours of juicing. We aim to deliver your juice within 2 business days of purchase. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Caneforest shop will only be able to fulfil deliveries to areas surrounding North London and Hertfordshire.


Sugarcane Juice Mocktail

Freshly-squeezed Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Stalks

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